Review: Film set in contemporary Manhattan, although the hero is a handsome but poor character of the wealthy son of brother, his evil deeds, let him […]

The American

Review: In the “American” in its own operations Clooney plays a highly skilled killer, Mingjiaojieke. When Jack in Sweden completed a mission, has a more difficult […]

Piranha 3D

Review: The formation of a volcanic eruption in prehistoric times the current Lake Havasu, when the earth shake again, let out a seam split bottom, but […]


Review: Wen Zi turn into this third-rate higher on the first day lunch boxes that the dog in his favorite chicken child was snatched paparazzi, mosquitoes […]


Review: The sixth century BC, stands a few hundred years have been precarious state of Zhou Dynasty, the feudal state separatist party, in order to achieve […]


Review: “Ocean” to focus on three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is covered by the “blue territory.” French director Yake Bei Han and Yaker Germany will further […]

Furry Vengeance

Review: Danny Saunders is an ambitious real estate developer, he has a head full of lofty aspirations and goals. This time, he came to the field […]

The Losers

Review : One employed by the U.S. government’s secret organization, which the members are from the CIA, National Security Agency, the elite special forces, etc., were […]

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Review: About the dream the dream killer Freddy would sneak into the other waves, and finally to the most vicious way to send them away to […]